Mission Statement

"We are a culturally diverse human rights-based service, giving immigration-informed advice, which enables people to live safely and legally as equals, and thus maximise their potential."

What We Do... 

GYROS provides free information, advice, guidance and advocacy on a range of topics, including:  UK rights, immigration (OISC Level 2), police, education, housing, benefits, debt (FCA accredited).


We facilitate migrant access to healthcare and other specialist services, run social activities for children and adults, conduct qualitative research about the experiences of migrant 

communities and are involved in community events and local projects with our client group. 

We also offer a range of bespoke services for organisations, including: Cultural Sensitivity Training and Translation & Interpretation services to support those working with culturally and linguistically diverse clients.

GYROS staff are multi-lingual, impartial and professionally qualified.

GYROS is looking for 2 new Trustees to join the team.  More info here... 

Our History


GYROS was formed in 1998 to support the refugees and asylum seekers who were sent to Great Yarmouth during and after the Balkans war. 

Over the years the organisation has evolved to meet the changing needs of our local community, and we now focus on supporting members of the migrant communities, including those who come here for work, family reasons or fleeing difficult situations in their home countries. 

"I learnt that we are all the same, regardless of where we are from." 


GYROS team member. 

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Registered Charity no: 1110281.

Gt Yarmouth Refugee & Outreach Support Ltd.